Free Energy Live in Philadelphia (5/28/10)

Who?: Free Energy w/ Jukebox the Ghost and Miniature Tigers
Where?: First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA
When?: May 28th, 2010

Last night, Philadelphia was the place to be. Free Energy made their Philadelphia debut, and it was quite magical. The show took place at the First Unitarian Church off of Chestnut Street, and three different bands played. Miniature Tigers were up first, although I didn’t make it in time to capture any of their set. Next up were Jukebox the Ghost, who were a bit too poppy and quirky for my liking. At this point during the show a bunch of young girls were all cheering and carrying on like crazy, so that was a bit unbearable. Fortunately, that seemed to die down a bit by the time Free Energy took the stage. Not a moment too soon either, because myself and some people around me were just short of losing our minds. So most of that cleared out, and then Free Energy took the stage. At the beginning of their set, lead man Paul Sprangers said it was their Philadelphia debut. Philadelphia is their current hometown, so you might guess that the show got pretty packed, and it did to everybody’s surprise; even Free Energy. Sprangers kept making comments on stage like “This is for real. This is happening,” before they would start playing a song. Just watch the “Something in Common” video to see what I’m talking about.

Free Energy – Free Energy started off the night quite appropriately with their opening track from “Stuck on Nothing”. This song basically encapsulates Free Energy as a band; it’s sprawling, relentless, and just plain awesome. Please watch.

All I Know – Listen to that opening guitar. That immediately signals a good time to everybody in the audience. This is a great song right here, and the guitarist to the right does a hell of a job melting our faces off, but that goes for the entire show, not just this song. He totally nails the solo towards the end of the song.

Something in Common – Next up, Free Energy played the B-side to their only 7″ record. Listen to Sprangers before the song gets started. Him and Free Energy were totally caught off guard by the turnout last night. I think everybody and myself would say that they totally deserve the turnout, too.

New Song! – Is this song called “Come On?” Does anybody know? I thought I saw “Come On” written on the setlist, but I’m really not sure of the name. Either way, this was exciting that they were playing a new song for us. Definitely didn’t see that coming. If anybody knows the name of it, feel free to leave a comment or send an e-mail or something! Thanks!

Bad Stuff – Next up they played the epic middle track from “Stuck on Nothing”. Sprangers once again thanks the crowd for the amazing turn out and goes on to say that it totally blows his mind. I can totally see why. If there are any Free Energy songs bound to melt the skin right off your face, this is the one. The huge breakdown at the end features an immense guitar solo…that guy really knows how to play guitar.

Bang Pop – I was pretty sure this song was guaranteed last night, and sure enough, it was the final song of their encore. People screaming like crazy, people asking people out to proms; that’s how a Free Energy show goes I guess. These guys are having a ball up on stage together, just watch. Very similar to their brand new video for the song minus the school and all that other fun stuff. Listen to Sprangers once again at the end, “Seriously, thank you so much, this is fucking wild.” Their still trying to cope with the turnout by the end of the show.

Unfortunately, that’s all the video I have from the show. Now I wish I had taken more. Oh well, all good things come to an end at some point, right? That goes for me right now, because I have to go to work…gotta make that paper son. Alright well, thanks for coming by once again, please enjoy the Free Energy videos, and check out the Free Energy song I left for you below.

Free Energy –

Miniature Tigers on Myspace
Jukebox the Ghost on Myspace
Free Energy on Myspace
Free Energy’s Official Website
“Stuck on Nothing” review previously posted on the Styrofoam Drone
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4 thoughts on “Free Energy Live in Philadelphia (5/28/10)

  1. the b-side is called “c’mon let’s dance” it’s a bonus track on the UK version of their album that Rough Trade record shops put out.

    should make its way to our side of the pond soon, and google can help in the meantime.

  2. I saw them at the XPN Free at Noon earlier that day and they said the new song is called “C’mon, Let’s Dance”. Also double checked on XPN’s website to confirm. Two awesome shows in one day, these guys are the real deal. And they’re all really cool in person too!

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