White Fence – White Fence

White Fence is the one-man bedroom pop outfit led by the one and only Tim Presley. Presley plays in a few other bands aside from White Fence, so you could consider White Fence more of a side-project before anything. Presley currently plays guitar and sings in the band Darker My Love, and he is listed as a band member on the Strange Boys Myspace page, being credited for “vocals and laughs”. Presley’s first full length album by himself came out just this year in 2010, and it was released on CD and digitally by Woodsist Records, while Make a Mess Records took care of the vinyl format. Woodsist rules and everything, but I’m going to have to suggest you buy the vinyl format for this one.

From beginning to end, this record is jam-packed with short, hazy lo-fi garage gems that are bound to crawl under your skin one way or another. Given that there are 16 tracks on the record, there’s a pretty good chance that at least one of these songs will catch you and keep you coming back for more. Whether it’s a gritty sounding psychedelic track (“Destroy Everything”) or a laid back bluesy guitar jam (“Hard Finish on Mirror Mile”), this album has the goods to reel you in and keep you hooked. The album starts off on the track “Mr. Adams”, and it’s sure to give you a taste of what the rest of the record is going to sound like. That lo-fi haze is immediately noticeable, and then Presley’s eerie, bone chilling vocals come into play. “Mr. Adams” plays directly into the next track “Who Feels Right”, which continues on in this lo-fi, haunting vocals fashion. The drumming keeps going steadily as Presley howls over everything to bring the track to an end.

“Slaughter on the Sunset Strip” definitely falls onto the blues side of the White Fence before anything else. About halfway through this track there is a nasally sounding lick, and then the twangy lead guitar finds it’s way back into the mix to lead you out. Next up would be the totally blissed out “I’ll Follow You”, which just so happens to be the longest song on the record. Bells, maracas and an incredibly fuzzy guitar solo dominate this tune, and it all gets put on hold for the final minute of the track while Presley takes us out on some acoustic guitar. Next track “The Love Between” can either be a hit or miss. The repeating keyboards could easily be enough to drive any listener mad, but then Presley’s spaced out and broken up guitar solo at the end change the vibe completely. Skipping ahead to “Destory Everything”, this could be one of the highlights from the record. The distorted guitar riff in the beginning is enough to give any listener a headache, but the heavy distortion goes a long way in giving this song an increasingly fuzzy and static-like feeling. Right around the one and a half minute mark Presley graces us with a hell of a fuzzed-guitar solo, and that brings us to the end of the song. That’s the end for this review, but it doesn’t have to be over just yet. Listen to the few songs I have for you below, and as always, be sure to come back again tomorrow!

I’ll Follow You –

Destroy Everything –

Hard Finish on Mirror Mile –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Garage Rock, Psychedelic
White Fence: Tracklist
1.) Mr. Adams
2.) Who Feels Right
3.) Slaughter on Sunset Strip
4.) I’ll Follow You
5.) The Love Between
6.) Sara Snow
7.) Baxter Corner
8.) The Gallery
9.) Tildas
10.) Destroy Everything
11.) Ring Around a Square
12.) Box Disease, Today Bond
13.) Hard Finish on Mirror Mile
14.) I Need You
15.) Sick Doctor Blues
16.) Be Right Too

White Fence on Myspace
BUY the White Fence s/t directly from Make a Mess Records!
White Fence Art Collective Blog

9 thoughts on “White Fence – White Fence

  1. Yeah, I don’t know how they achieve the vocal stylings on these songs, but I love it. They make this album a stand-out among garage rock gems of this year. White Fence is one of my most-played albums of the year.

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