Wild Nothing – Gemini

By now I feel like a significant amount of people are familiar with Wild Nothing. This would probably be because of that first 7″ the one-man-band put out on the Captured Tracks label in 2009. Since then, Jack Tatum, the man behind the music, has put out one other 7″ called “Cloudbursting” that was also put out by Captured Tracks. Now the release of the first Wild Nothing full length is upon us, and it’s due out on May 25th going by the Captured Tracks “coming soon” section. How perfect. The album is coming out just in time for summer. Although you’ll have to wait to hear the entire album, why not hold yourself over by checking out a few of the tracks below? You’ll be happy you did!

The album starts off on a good note, beginning with the song “Live in Dreams”. It welcomes you at the door and beckons you to come in for more, and chances are you’re going to find it hard to resist. Jack Tatum tells us right away that “Our lips won’t last forever,” and that’s exactly why he wants to live in dreams. This way, if you’re living in dreams, you can’t die. This song is bursting at the seams with hovering, gorgeous sound effects. As you listen to the album you’ll pick up on all the subtle effects and sounds that are thrown into the mix, but you have to listen carefully! The following track “Summer Holiday” is one that many of us have probably already heard, but in no way is that a bad thing. The only reason that is true is because of that 7″ we already mentioned. Up next on the album would be the totally blissed out track “Drifter”, with it’s heavenly sound effects and the ability to bring you to that special paradise you could only reach in your dreams. This is the type of song where you lose all train of thought while you become completely immersed in the sounds – Like I said earlier, once you’re stuck in it, it’s difficult to get back out.

Skipping ahead to the halfway point of the album brings us to the song “Bored Games”. Lots of quick and little intricate sounds dominate this song, all over top of a muffled bass line that’s sure to keep your head bobbing along to the beat. For about the last minute of the track, Tatum delivers a laid-back guitar solo as the song comes to an end and slowly fades out. Next up would be the other somewhat familiar track on the album, “Confirmation”. Just like the songs on the 7″ records, this track has been floating around on the web for awhile now, but it did not come on either of the 7 inches. Moving right along to another highlight from the album, “Chinatown”. “Chinatown” is drenched in more heavenly, spaced out sound effects that are present throughout the entire song, while Tatum’s voice continues to saturate everything even more, giving this track (and most of these other tracks) a real sense of longing. Second to last on the album comes the song “Our Composition Book”, which is a glamorous, picture-perfect pop song complete with shimmering sound effects and some excellent guitar playing by none other than Mr. Tatum himself.

In looking back on this album, I’d have to say it was quite a refreshing listen. Just about every last track sounds like it’s been dunked in a pool of spaced out, glamorous and almost ambient sound effects, which goes a long way for giving this album an otherworldly quality. If you’re still not sure what to think, then the best suggestion I’d have for you is to listen to these few songs below. After listening, it shouldn’t take long for you to decide whether or not you’re a fan of the one-man pop sensation that is Wild Nothing. Thanks for reading once again, and stay tuned as always!

Drifter –

Chinatown –

Our Composition Book –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Glam
Gemini: Tracklist
1.) Live in Dreams
2.) Summer Holiday
3.) Drifter
4.) Pessimist
5.) O, Lilac
6.) Bored Games
7.) Confirmation
8.) My Angel Lonely
9.) The Witching Hour
10.) Chinatown
11.) Our Composition Book
12.) Gemini

Wild Nothing on Myspace
Summer Holiday 7″ previously posted on the Styrofoam Drone
Buy Wild Nothing releases directly from Captured Tracks

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