Long Legged Woman – Nobody Knows This is Nowhere

Some of you may already be familiar with Long Legged Woman. If so, then you already know the deal. If not, then it may come as a surprise to you that they’re no longer a band anymore.

After three years of playing together, the band finally decided to call it quits. The lifespan of Long Legged Woman yielded many releases, one being this LP I have here today, along with multiple CD-R’s, endless touring, tapes, and some 7″ records. Now although the band called it quits, that doesn’t mean the members involved have given up on music entirely. Instead, they just moved on to other projects. As said on their Myspace by band member Justin, “We’ve decided to not go separate ways but do some different shit. Get my drift? We’re not quitting music, in fact, we’re making more shit now than ever.” He’s not lying either. You can check out his latest band right here on Myspace, and their called CCR Headcleaner. Hooray for extensive touring!

As for the Long Legged Woman outfit, it’s too bad their not going to be playing shows anymore. The heavy guitars that produce a wall of sound and practically dominate every song on the LP can’t quite be experienced the same way now. CCR Headcleaner may be capable of pulling it off, but they just don’t quite hit that mark that Long Legged Woman did. Granted there are only two songs on the CCR Myspace, so there is always room to be proven wrong, but right now I’m still leaning towards LLW.

Listening to songs on their “Nobody Knows This is Nowhere” LP could potentially send you straight to the floor. Tracks like “Vinegar”, “You Found Out”, “Something is Pressing Against it From the Inside”, “When I Was Asleep”, and “Yours is Mine” are sure to leave you speechless, and quite possibly without much of an opinion at all, but by any chance begging for more of the face pounding action. Their relentless approach to the music may scare off a good amount of listeners, but it’s the ones that stick around to hear what’s next that really matter. One highlight from the album that is certainly worth all 7 minutes and 30 seconds of your time is the track “Psych Jam”. I say this now because it’s definitely a song with a “relentless approach”. It’s just nonstop, constantly in-yr-face howling guitars, crashing cymbals, and squealing guitar solos. It’s enough to completely disorient any listener, and just enough to make your head spin in all possible directions. As I read somewhere on the web, “it’s enough to make your brain explode”. Although this does not sound safe, I highly recommend you give it a shot. Listen to Long Legged Woman. I have mp3’s for you below!

Something is Pressing Against it from the Inside –

Vinegar –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Noise Rock, Psychedelic, Punk
Nobody Knows This is Nowhere: Tracklist
1.) Vinegar
2.) You Found Out
3.) Something is Pressing Against it From the Inside
4.) Bath House
5.) Psych Jam
6.) When I Was Asleep
7.) Racoon in a Coon Skin Cap
8.) The Horse Holds it’s Own Reins
9.) Yours is Mine
10.) He Was a Narc but We Loved Him Anyway
11.) I Have a Scheme…
12.) But There’s Something Going On

Long Legged Woman on Myspace
CCR Headcleaner on Myspace
BUY Nobody Knows This is Nowhere directly from Pollen Season Records

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