New Hold Steady – “The Weekenders”

Hey! Guess what!? There is yet another new Hold Steady song to check out from their upcoming album “Heaven is Whenever”. It’s called “The Weekenders” and you can check it out over at the MTV Buzzworthy Blog. The MTV Buzzworthy Blog? The Hold Steady? Really?

So far we’ve been introduced to 3 new songs from the album, starting with “Hurricane J” and followed by “Rock Problems”. That leaves us with only 7 more unheard songs from the album. Hopefully they will keep up their pace and continue to release more of the album, song by song. If not, I’m sure everybody can sit tight and wait for the album to drop on it’s May 4th release date from Vagrant. It’s tough to say what the album is going to sound like as a whole at this point, but I think the most recent track “The Weekenders” is the closest I’ve heard to what Craig Finn claims is “less anthemic and more complex” music.

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