Japandroids w/ Love Is All, The G Live in Philadelphia (3/30/10)

Who?: Japandroids w/ Love Is All and The G
Where?: The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA
When?: March 30th, 2010

Hello my friends! How is everybody doing today? Did anybody else get woken this morning by the relentless sound of a jackhammer? No? Lucky you! Too bad the jackhammers weren’t an April Fool’s joke or anything, because they really did wake me up, and they really did keep me from going back to sleep! (Speaking of April Fools jokes, did anybody check out Google today?) Now that was how my morning started, but hopefully yours can be a bit different. I’ll try and help make your morning different by showing you these videos from the Barbary on Tuesday night, featuring Philadelphia’s own post-punkers The G, Love Is All, who came all the way from Gothenburg, Sweden to play for us, and then the main event, Japandroids

First things first. This show was sold out. We never would have gotten in if it wasn’t for the generosity of Pat Troxell, drummer and vocalist from the band that played that night, The G. We were beyond grateful to get into the show, and we took full advantage of being there, so of course we went right up to the front of the stage. The G were up first, and they looked quite confident. I had never previously heard these guys before, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

The G – Trouble in Heat – This was one of the earlier songs from their set that night, and it’s a great, short and easy-going pop/punk song including sing-along lyrics like “She’s like me, she’d rather die!” and “I already told you…”, making this a fun song to sing along too if you know the words.

The G – Sliding Up – With an eerie intro, this track sounds like it’s going to be one of the slower jams judging by the beginning, but they quickly kick things up about a half minute in with a galloping drum beat. During the last minute is when things really get heavy, as the guitarist takes the spotlight for a quick guitar solo before the end of the song.

The G – I’m Out – Another dark and eerie intro comes with this song. They don’t waste any time and quickly get into it. Somewhere about halfway through they relax a bit and slow things down, and then the guitarist gives us another taste of what he’s capable of. Moving on from that, they all break it down and lead us to the end of the song with the same dark intro from the beginning. This was the last of the footage I had of The G performing, although I wish I could have gotten more. Don’t be upset though! Before we left the Barbary that night I couldn’t help but pick up one of their CD’s, so maybe one day I’ll have that up for you readers to check out.

Moving on! Next up was Sweden indie-pop outfit Love Is All. They took the stage claiming that they were a bit nervous, considering that they hadn’t played a show in Philadelphia before. The crowd quickly reassured them that they would do fine, and they got right into it. The opened their set with the song “False Pretense” from their latest effort “Two Thousand and Ten Injuries”.

Love Is All – False Pretense – Kind of a slow choice for an opening song, but entertaining nonetheless. The music in this track sounds like it could possibly be heard on a tropical island somewhere, with the sudden roll of the tom-toms and the perfect placement of the simple but catchy bass line. If anything is true though, it’s the fact that the kick-drum is steady throughout, and it practically holds the entire song together.

Love Is All – Bigger Bolder – Another cool song with another really awesome and catchy bass line. You can hear the guy playing the saxophone in this one a lot, although it’s really hard to see him. With that being said, I wish the lighting was different at the Barbary.

Love Is All – Busy Doing Nothing – This one is dancey and fun, again with the constant beat of the kick-drum keeping the pace throughout. Bass player Johan Lindwall’s bass lines are always in perfect position, leaving me wondering if this guy ever misses a note. Just watch him jam out in the beginning, it’s great!!

This was the last of the footage I had from the Love Is All set, which means the moment everybody was waiting for, the reason the show was entirely sold out, was about to come up next. Canada’s own Japandroids! They took the stage fairly quickly because they had to be off in time for a DJ that was coming to the Barbary. I’m sure that didn’t leave many people too happy either.

Japandroids – The Boys are Leaving Town – Japandroids start their set off by announcing they won’t be able to play as long as usual (due to the DJs), and then start things off with a small intro before moving into the opening track from “Post-Nothing”, “The Boys are Leaving Town”. I’m just going to say it now, that guitarist Brian King was bursting with energy – this guy seriously never stood still. Running back and forth between his mic and the drummer David Prowse, it’s amazing that he never took a spill or anything like that.

Japandroids – Art Czars – This is the A-side from their latest 7″ record. Once again, Brian King. Bursting with energy. Listen to him when he introduces the song. It’s so fast you can barely make out anything he says. He kept doing that all throughout the set too. If it wasn’t for the videos I would have never known what he was saying.

Japandroids – Rockers East Vancouver – David Prowse plays drums like a madman, and guess what else? He can sing at the same time! Definitely not something you see in every band, unless it’s Japandroids or The G. It’s always entertaining to watch a drummer sing and play at the same time though, because I know for a fact that it’s something I cannot do.

Japandroids – Heart Sweats – The fifth track from their one and only full-length, “Post-Nothing”. It has kind of a jungle-y feeling in the beginning due to the use of the tom-toms. The ending is especially awesome in this one.

Japandroids – Wet Hair – Both King and Prowse share the vocal effort in this song. This one has an epic break down that starts slow and progressively gets faster and louder, but the real deal here is that King is looking for a few French girls.

Japandroids – Young Hearts Spark Fire – This one certainly got the crowd excited. Towards the end of the video Brian gets on top of the amp that was in front of us and screams into the camera. Awesome. Unfortunately for me, my tape was out of room to record any more almost immediately after this song was finished. But that’s okay, because they only played one more song after. It’s kind of a shame that these guys had to leave so soon for a couple of DJs though, I don’t understand that. You can see a DJ at almost any nightclub/bar, but it’s only rarely that a band like Japandroids comes around. Oh well. Hopefully you guys enjoyed those videos, because I know I enjoyed filming them. Next show coming up would be the Smith Westerns at the Olde Club, so check back soon!

LOVE IS ALL on Myspace
THE G on Myspace
A few more pictures and stuff from the show on SuperGlued

9 thoughts on “Japandroids w/ Love Is All, The G Live in Philadelphia (3/30/10)

  1. haha yes! i was right behind you. so glad you put these up, such a great show even if they got cut a little short. after talking to them they said it was the best of the three shows in philly. but thats considering the two other times Brian’s amp blew out.
    thanks for the vids, gotta relive it again and again 😀

  2. hey man, glad the videos turned out well. i too was directly behind you haha. definitely a great time.

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