New Hold Steady – “Rock Problems”

Another new track named “Rock Problems” has been released from the Hold Steady’s forthcoming album “Heaven is Whenever”. Since the albums announcement earlier this month, there have been two tracks unveiled. The first single released is titled “Hurricane J”, and you can still check that out over at Pitchfork by following the previous link.

To listen to the newer “Rock Problems”, simply follow this link over to the Vulture Blog > The Hold Steady – “Rock Problems”. Please enjoy, but also keep in mind that the Hold Steady claim they are going for a new and different sound with this record. If you ask me, “Rock Problems” sounds a bit like “old Steady” rather than “new Hold Steady”, know what I mean? The guys at the Vulture Blog agree, but we’ll find out what’s in store on the May 4th release date. Until then, we can enjoy these two tracks.

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