The Strange Boys Live in Philadelphia (3/26/10)

Who?: The Strange Boys, TJ Kong & the Atomic Bomb, the Spooks, Moon Women
Where?: Danger Danger Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
When?: March 26th, 2010

Last night West Philadelphia was quite the place to be. The Danger Danger Gallery on Baltimore Ave. hosted four very talented bands last night, most of them being local bands from in (or around) Philadelphia. First up was the Moon Women, who unfortunately suffered some very disastrous technical difficulties during their set. The lead singer/guitarist’s amp broke (?) about 3 songs into their set, which was definitely a bummer, because everyone there and myself seemed to be enjoying the performance. While he attempted to fix the problem, the rest of the band continued to play until they figured out that he wouldn’t be fixing the problem anytime soon. So they played one last song without a second guitar, but he still did his part and sung the song. Next up was the Spooks who play an infectious blend of garage rock mixed with some punk elements. After listening to their song “Sea Monster” on Myspace, I don’t think it would hurt to say these guys may even be part surf rock. The Spooks plowed through their set, barely leaving any time to breathe in-between songs, but they certainly got the crowd moving and ready to go for the next act – The Strange Boys.

I’m pretty sure the Strange Boys were the only band last night who weren’t from Philadelphia. Unlike the rest, the Strange Boys came all the way from Austin, Texas to show us what they’re made of, and they didn’t waste any time. I have the entire set they played on video, but lead singer and guitarist Ryan Sambol kindly requested after the show that I do not put the videos out on the internet. I was a little bit surprised that they wouldn’t want this stuff out their, but you gotta show respect. The entire video is just over a half hour long, and they cram a ton of songs into that tiny little time slot. They covered each of their albums equally, playing all the hits from “And Girls Club”, such as “Woe is You and Me”, “Should Have Shot Paul”, “This Girl Taught Me a Dance”, “Poem Party”, and “Who Needs Who More”. As for the later album, they played tracks like “Night Might”, “Be Brave” and “A Walk on the Bleach” amongst many others. Just talking about what songs they played doesn’t really do the show any justice, these videos offer so much more insight. Lead singer Ryan Sambol, when not singing, is barely ever standing still. Much of the time he’s seen shredding away on his guitar without another care in the world. There are parts in the video where he’s already playing the next song while the other band members are still tuning their instruments. Patience man! The second track “A Walk on the Bleach” from their latest album “Be Brave” was played towards the end of their set, starting off slow and easy before they speed things up. Before the song ends, guitarist Greg Enlow wows the crowd with an immensely flawless guitar solo, and they immediately begin playing the next song “This Girl Taught Me a Dance”. I hope that one day I can share these videos with you, that way you can witness the raw, live action that is the Strange Boys for yourself.

The Strange Boys on Myspace
BUY “Be Brave” directly from Rough Trade.
The Strange Boys – And Girl Club previously posted on the Styrofoam Drone
The Spooks on Myspace
TJ Kong & the Atomic Bomb on Myspace

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