Washed Out w/ Small Black, Pictureplane Live in Philadelphia (3/9/10)

Who?: Washed Out w/ Small Black, and Pictureplane
Where?: The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA
When?: March 9th, 2010

Last night started off with a bang. The first of the three acts to perform was Pictureplane, and he just set his equipment up right in the middle of the Barbary’s floor. Pictureplane is just a one man band led by a young man named Travis Egedy from Denver, Colorado. Over the summer of 2009 he received a fairly decent review of his latest album “Dark Rift” from Pitchfork. His heavy electronic music was perfect to start off the night, as it got people dancing and moving and ready for the following two acts; Small Black and Washed Out. These three acts touring together is almost too perfect – all of their music somehow compliments each others, most likely because it’s all electronic based stuff. After Pictureplane, Small Black took the stage, and they were ready and performing quite fast. Apparently there was a private party that night at the Barbary, so all the band’s kind of had to rush.

Small Black – You could tell these guys were beyond ready to play. This was their second song of night, but I unfortunately don’t know the name of it. If anyone out there can help out with that, please do! But these guys put on a hell of a live show. Before attending last night I had only heard of Small Black, but now I can say I know what they’re all about.

Small Black – Lady in the Wires – These guys were far from shy.  They’re not all tense up on stage, they’re energetic and constantly moving. Just check out the bass player, he’s all over the place. This is the last song from their most recent EP.

Washed Out – This was about a song or two into his set. Right when Ernest got on stage, he said he was going to be by himself for a few songs, and then he would call Small Black to come back up on stage and do some songs with him. I don’t know the name of the song, but I guess that doesn’t really matter. I know this isn’t on “Life of Leisure”, and I don’t think it’s on the “High Times” cassette either, so I’m not too sure where it comes from. If anybody knows, please speak up!

Washed Out – New Theory – So after the first song that Small Black joined Washed Out with, they paused for a quick second while Ernest asked the crowd if they were ready to hear anything from “Life of Leisure”. As you can expect, pretty much everybody in the Barbary shouted yes. This was the second song Small Black did with Washed Out.

Washed Out – Hold Out – As promised, this was another track from “Life of Leisure”. Ernest mentioned in between songs that it was starting to get hot up on stage. Probably because people didn’t really start to dance hardcore until they heard some songs that they knew.

Washed Out – You’ll See It – The gorgeous last track from the “Life of Leisure” EP was the second to last song for the night. The bass playing is what catches my ear first in this song. I can’t speak for everybody at the show, but I think it’s a safe bet that everybody would say Washed Out was 100x more entertaining after Small Black joined him on stage. Either way though, they’re still all having a blast up on stage.

Washed Out – Feel It All Around – This was the last song of the night, and who didn’t see it coming? This song is practically the reason they’re all on tour right now. It’s even better with a live band too. Washed Out introduces himself and Small Black once again, thanks the crowd for coming out, and they let “Feel It All Around” ride out for a little extra time before calling it quits.

Nothing really spectacular happened after the show. My friends and I just kind of stood around for a few extra seconds before walking outside to go home. All in all it was a great night. I hadn’t been to a show like that in awhile, so I was glad I attended. The next show on the agenda would be Foreign Born in Philadelphia, so please stay tuned for that! Thanks for reading as always! See ya!

Washed Out on Myspace
Life of Leisure EP – BUY!
Small Black on Myspace
Small Black EP – BUY!
Pictureplane on Myspace
Pictureplane’s Dark Rift – BUY!

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