Surfer Blood Live in Philadelphia (3/1/10)

Who?: Surfer Blood
Where?: Main Street Music, Philadelphia, PA
When?: March 1st, 2010

As many people from the Philadelphia area may know, the recently popular band Surfer Blood was set to play a show at the Barbary last night. Awesome. The bad news is that the show sold out, so not everyone who wanted to could attend. The good news is that before their show at the Barbary, Surfer Blood stopped in a record store in West Philly called Main Street Music to play some music and show us what they’re all about. Good thing too, because I’m sure many people wanted to see this band, but they couldn’t because the show sold out. I was lucky enough to make it to the in-store with Surfer Blood, and I have the entire set for you guys here on video.

Floating Vibes – Surfer Blood appropriately started the set with the opening track from their latest effort “Astro Coast”. They apologize for being extremely late at the beginning. The set that was slated to start at 5pm didn’t get started until around 7pm or so. Being late certainly didn’t alter their music though, just check that video!

Take It Easy – They followed up with the groovy island jam “Take It Easy”, the third track from their album “Astro Coast”. Right around the three minute mark of the song, both guitarists John Paul Pitts and Tom Fekete take a quick glance at each other with a grin on their faces, almost like they’re thinking “Let’s do it”, before ending the track with some heavy, face peeling guitar work. Fantastic. Three floors of party! No…four floors!

Fast Jabroni – Faster and fun song with an energetic breakdown that leads them into their final song for the night. A fan from the crowd claims that he knows a “short cut” to their show at the Barbary. John Paul Pitts face lights up with excitement for a split second before the fan says “You have to give us a ride though.” Awwww.

Swim – More or less expected last song of the night, “Swim”. It’s dual guitar attack for the chorus and the tropical, jangly guitar and cowbell jam in the middle make it undeniably catchy, not to mention that short, hard and heavy transition that leads them back to the closing verse of the song. They finish up, thank the crowd, pack up their things, and then head on over to the Barbary to play a much sold out show. Thank you Surfer Blood!

And thank you reader! Check out some other shows coming up here on the Styrofoam Drone, and as always, be sure to check back for more on the reg. That’s right. Join our group over on too, it’s getting a bit lonely in there. We need some discussion!!!

Surfer Blood on Myspace
Surfer Blood’s Astro Coast – BUY!!! on CD/LP/Digital

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