White Denim – Workout Holiday

My Rating: 10/10
Genre/ Tags: Blues Rock, Garage Rock, Indie Rock

Back when it was still 2009, which now seems like it was forever ago, I was just beginning to discover the magic that is White Denim. After starting off with their most recent effort, titled “Fits”, I was totally hooked on White Denim. It was unusual if I didn’t hear multiple songs by them in a single day, and they would be all the same tracks, considering I only had their latest album. Over some time I figured the only way too hear more music like White Denim was to seek out other White Denim releases, so, of course, I couldn’t just sit back and deprive myself – I went out in search of other White Denim albums. To my surprise, none of the records stores in Philadelphia had anything, so I was forced to turn to the internet. After searching the web, I had located just one other White Denim record, and it was in Osaka, Japan in a record store called Panda Panda Records. Not a problem. I purchased it online, and just under 2 weeks later I had a brand new, still sealed White Denim record at my front door. It didn’t stay sealed for long either.

After getting a whole new dose of White Denim songs, I was once again floored. How do they do that!? In the beginning I would have preferred listening to Fits up until getting Workout Holiday. Now when someone mentions White Denim all I can think about are tracks like “All You Really Have To Do”, “I Can Tell You”, “Mess Your Hair Up”, “Hearts from Us All” and “Don’t Look That Way at It”. The song “All You Really Have To Do” features some wild guitar and bass work, with parts of the song almost being like the two instruments are having a conversation with each other. “Mess Your Hair Up”, the longest track from the album, deserves a lot of attention as well. I am especially fond of when lead singer James Petralli sings “In the backseat, my heart attacks me, when you ask me…” and they go into this hazy, almost ambient like part of the song that a first listener would have never ever even thought was coming up. At this point it’s almost like the guitar is having another conversation with itself – they pause things for a moment and say “ahhh-oohhhhh”, only to begin the madness once again with a fuzzy bass line. I have a video that I came across on YouTube one day, and it features the trio playing these two wonderfully amazing tracks, one right into the other. It wouldn’t be White Denim if they took a break between the songs. The energy is ridiculous – these guys really know how to deliver. Just look at how much they’re sweating by the time the songs end. Seeing this band perform live is at the highest position on my list of thing to do. When they do go on tour, I plan on seeing them in multiple cities.

Workout Holiday: Tracklist
1. “Let’s Talk About It” – 3:53
2. “Shake Shake Shake” – 2:37
3. “Sitting” – 2:16
4. “I Can Tell You” – 1:57
5. “Mess Your Hair Up” – 4:48
6. “Heart From Us All” – 3:10
7. “All You Really Have To Do” – 2:48
8. “Look That Way At It” – 3:25
9. “Darksided Computer Mouth” – 2:15
10. “WDA” – 3:03
11. “Don’t Look That Way At It” – 4:03
12. “IEIEI” – 3:13

White Denim’s Official Website
White Denim on Myspace
Workout Holiday: BUY

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