Hilltop Hoods – The Calling

The Hilltop Hoods are a 3 piece hip hop group, hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. That’s right, Aussie hip hop. The group is comprised of two MC’s, Suffa and Pressure, and their sole DJ, DJ Debris. Hilltop Hoods might not be a name you’re familiar with, but over in Australia, Hilltop Hoods have surely made their name known. Their album titled “The Calling” was released in 2003 and it has achieved platinum status in Australia, and two of the tracks from the album were included in the years best 100 tracks. Those two tracks were “The Nosebleed Section” and “Dumb Enough”, coming in placed at 9th and 44th. This was certainly a huge turning point for the group, and it was also a big change for the underground Australian hip hop scene. With the success of “The Calling”, people began to support the underground hip hop genre, and thus, the name Hilltop Hoods became much more prominent. Most of this success came from the track mentioned above, entitled “The Nosebleed Section”. The group themselves claim that this track was definitely the turning point for their career, and it landed them countless festival gigs and show offerings, amongst other things. See what else they had to say about the track right here. If you’re not convinced and don’t really care to check out the album just yet, you need to check this track out here, which you already know is titled “The Nosebleed Section”. If that’s got you curious, make an effort to listen to this track titled “The Sentinel”, this one titled “Testimonial Year”, or this last one titled “Dumb Enough”. If you’re STILL not interested after hearing those tracks, then I suggest you check back for more tomorrow.

The Calling: Tracklist

1. Incoming (Interlude 1)
2. Testimonial Year
3. The Calling
4. Dumb Enough?
5. Illusionary Lines
6. Tomorrow Will Do
7. Laying Blame
8. Shimmy and the Gravysplitter (Interlude 2)
9. The Nosebleed Section
10. Down for the Cause
11. Mic Felon
12. Walk On
13. The Certificate
14. Hilltop Hoods (Interlude 3)
15. Working the Mic
16. Outgoing (Interlude 4)
17. The Sentinel

Hilltop Hoods on Myspace
The Calling: BUY

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