White Denim – Fits

Well, it’s Christmas Eve day, which means tomorrow is Christmas (really?). The album I’m going to post today is like my gift to you for Christmas. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I have. The album is called “Fits” by White Denim, and it is my overall favorite album from 2009.
Okay, so on “Fits”, the music doesn’t start til about 45 seconds into the first track, “Radio Milk How Can You Stand It“. Up until then, the sounds and voices you can hear only leave you guessing what’s about to unfold. Then, all of a sudden, the drummer starts beating away at his snare, and seconds later, he is joined by a sprawling bass line. The two continue to play until they are joined by the guitarist, who signals the start and stop action that is present throughout the song. They continue to beat down on their instruments, never really letting you get too comfortable with anything they’re doing. By that I mean that this song has something new around every corner, and once you’re comfortable with the way it sounds, they’re going to completely change things up on you and catch you off guard. It’s like having a punk rock song fused with a bluesy-garage rock song. It’s extremely difficult to describe, but entertaining and satisfying nonetheless.
As you continue to listen to “Fits”, you’ll notice that a lot of the songs have this style. The second track, “All Consolation” follows the same structure. This song has a punky yet psychedelic feel to it with the guitar soloing and the sound effects used, but once again, things aren’t going to stay this way. They break it down for the last minute of the song, unexpectedly slowing things down, and even throwing in a cowbell to hold together all the spastic drumming. The following tracks all further prove that there is not one genre you can tag White Denim with; there is just too much going on in a single song. Another good example of this would be “Say What You Want” with its punk/garage rock feel that turns into a tropical islands version of a punk song. I’ll say it again, they’re extremely difficult to describe, but amazingly entertaining and beyond satisfying. Skipping ahead to the track “I Start to Run“, which starts off with it’s undeniably catchy bass line, is definitely a highlight from the album. With James Petralli claiming somebody is listening to the song in his head, you can’t help but sing along to this one. The album is made up entirely of highlights, with every song being just as good as the last. Now please, scroll down and check out this masterpiece for yourself. Thanks for reading and happy holidays to all. Considering tomorrow is Christmas, chances are there won’t be a new post, but if I find the time, I certainly will be here. Thanks for reading once again, and keep checking back for more!

White Denim – Official Website

White Denim – Syncn
White Denim – Everybody Somebody
White Denim – Regina Holding Hands
White Denim – Sex Prayer
Fits: BUY

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