Luna – Penthouse

Soooo yesterday I attended the “Punk Rock Flea Market” in Philadelphia and I found this wonderful CD for only $1.00, amongst many other great gems for that price……but this awesome CD comes from the band Luna. The band formed after the breakup of the amazing Galaxie 500 back in 1991. The lead singer and guitarist, Dean Wareham, went on to form Luna in 1991 almost immediately after Galaxie 500 broke up. Over the course of their existence as a band, Luna had released numerous studio albums as well as countless EPs and singles. I have one of those studio albums here for you today, it’s called “Penthouse”. Check it out with the link below.

Penthouse Tracklist:
1. Chinatown – 4:39
2. Sideshow by the Seashore – 3:12
3. Moon Palace – 3:46
4. Double Feature – 4:27
5. 23 Minutes in Brussels – 6:40
6. Lost in Space – 3:44
7. Rhythm King – 3:16
8. Kalamazoo – 6:26
9. Hedgehog – 3:05
10. Freakin’ and Peakin’ – 6:12
11. Bonnie and Clyde – 5:27

Luna: Official Website
Penthouse: BUY

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