Energy Gown – Evening Molasses

energy gown evening molasses lp alona's dream records 2014

ENERGY GOWN’s Evening Molasses is a warped and sweltering concoction of lysergic psychedelic rock, offering a deeply pensive and challenging bunch of material that will keep you guessing while your head spins, all at once. Continue reading

Tight Genes – Viet Songs for Viet Kongs 7″ EP

tight genes viet songs for viet kongs 7 ken rock records 2014

TIGHT GENES have reemerged from the grizzly swamps of Orlando, FL bearing a brand new 7″ EP released by the tasteful humans at Ken Rock Records in Sweden. Continue reading

Bad Axe – Coachman 7″

bad axe coachman 7 permanent records archival release 2014

Permanent Records got their grimy mitts on the original BAD AXE tapes, resulting in this brand new archival 7″. Both of these tracks date back to 1973, but the label has proudly pressed them to vinyl for the very first time in 2014. Continue reading

The Snookys – Junk Food

snookys junk food lp one chord wonder 2014

Much like the title of their album, Junk Food, THE SNOOKYS have created something you can’t get enough of, no matter how many servings you cram into your filthy pie hole. Continue reading

The Nuclear Family – s/t EP

nuclear family st ep 2014

THE NUCLEAR FAMILY first graced our ears by way of the inbox. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the 4-piece band makes a riveting mess out of punk and grunge rock elements on their self-released EP. Continue reading

Parkay Quarts – Content Nausea

Parkay Quarts Content Nausea lp what's your rupture 2014

Content Nausea is PARQUET COURTS’ second album of 2014. Credited to the group’s alter ego, Parkay Quarts, the album is mostly the work of members Andrew Savage and Austin Brown along with some instrumental assists from Jackie-O Motherfucker’s Jef Brown on saxophone and Eaters’ Bob Jones on fiddle. Continue reading

Broken Arm – Life is Short

broken arm life is short lp gringo records 2014

BROKEN ARM’s latest on Gringo Records reveals a band with some potential, but also some maddening tendencies that need to be left behind in their record collection for them to progress. Continue reading