Kerosene – s/t CS EP

kerosene st cs ep end result productions 2015

Philadelphia’s newest post-punk knock-outs KEROSENE just dropped their debut cassette EP on End Result Productions. The tape provides an invigorating dose of dance floor-ready noise rock that was recorded at the Sex Dungeon in the Belmont section of west Philly.
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SOTD #56: White Manna – “Evil”

white manna pan lp captcha records 2015

We just received an earful of the brand new WHITE MANNA album that’s soon to drop via Captcha Records. The album, named after the Greek god of nature Pan, will be released on May 26th – less than a year after their previous LP Come Down Safari.

Given the nature of their new lead single “Evil,” right off the bat it sounds like their taking a different approach with the new album. Come Down Safari was more of a soothing psychedelic comedown, expansive and drawn out – Pan (albeit we’ve only heard a single track) sounds like this heady monster of fuzz-fueled psychedelic punk. “Evil” is dominated by two menacing chords, starting with the crunch of the guitar and strengthened by the colorful glaze of the synthesizer over top. Guitars morph into a monstrous technicolor solo that swallows everything in sight, creating this mighty, ground-shaking blowout that is best experienced at the highest volume. David Johnson’s vocals soar over the lush mixture, sounding one part raspy and two parts electrified as he wails away with authority. They keep chugging for a full 5 minutes and when it’s all said and done one listen just isn’t enough. Give “Evil” a whirl below and you’ll see just what White Manna has going on.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Psychedelic, Garage Rock

PREORDER the LP from Captcha Records – “white inside black with pink and blue splatter 12″ vinyl LP”
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The Brainstems – Ego Death Demos

brainstems ego death demos ep self released 2015

THE BRAINSTEMS are 4-piece based in St. Louis, Missouri. Their new set of demos follows up their Cold Sweatin’ cassette from last year, continuing their run of post-punk bent garage rock.
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The Stones – Three Blind Mice

stones three blind mice lp captured tracks flying nun records 2015

THE STONES were a New Zealand band active in the early 80s before quickly disbanding after the release of two short EPs on the famed Flying Nun Records. Their seemingly well-overdue compilation is now here.
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Black Fruit/ Factotum – Stolen Body Split LP #2

black fruit factotum split lp stolen body records 2015

Stolen Body Records (Bristol, UK) continue to issue fuzzy garage rock goodness with the second edition of their split LP series. This LP features another group of Grand Rapids rockers, BLACK FRUIT, and local Bristolian ensemble, FACTOTUM.
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The Ar-Kaics – Always the Same 7″

ar-kaics always the same 7 market square recordings 2015

Market Square Recordings in Billingshurst, UK just dropped two more 7″ singles to their name. One of them is the fifth 7″ to date from Richmond, VA pop crew THE AR-KAICS.
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Jim Nothing – Zig Zag Blues CS EP

jim nothing zig zag blues cs 2015

JIM NOTHING hails from Christchurch, New Zealand. Zig Zag Blues is his second self-released cassette, released on February 1st in a modest run of just 50 pieces.
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